People are really trying to get Farmers Markets going in the area. When I was in Italy some time ago, there was something that really fascinated me when travelling between towns. All the land was being used. Not huge farms, but ground the same size we have in Muldersdrift. They are able to plant crops and sell at local markets. We have the space and now with the Farmers markets starting to emerge, we also have the outlets. Small now but next year (with planning) could be bigger. And who knows the year after.

There are 2 markets going in Muldersdrift at the moment.

On Saturday Mornings: Steinsvlei Farmers Market

Coseynook Corner

Just Started and looking for stall holders as well. See their advert here.

On Sundays: Hertford Hotel

This market was started by someone else on Saturdays. They stopped doing it and at the beginning of November The Hertford Hotel took over the running of it on Sundays. This was due to the number of Townies that were calling and asking what had happened. More stall holders are also requested to get hold of The Hertford to book stalls.

Vegetables are one of the products not yet at available at either market. Any one wanting to be the first, GO FOR IT. The Hertford is taking the initiative of actually starting their own vegetable gardens shortly. They will be empowering local members of the community in helping them get going at the Hertford premises.