More and more cyclists, cyclist clubs and motor cyclists are using the cradle and general Muldersdrift area for riding.

After a few incidents in the area, CGC (Central Gauteng Cycling) has requested a meeting with residents and other parties to address issues. The meeting will take place at Teak Place on Wednesday , 18 November at 7pm.

To get more info of what has been happening and attitudes of cyclist in general, check out (over 15,000 views).

Something to think about: If you hit a cyclist, you are in big trouble irrespective of whose fault it was, and the results can be long term. Apart from the legal issues, the cyclist community will make your life a nightmare – ask a local resident who had death threats, his web site hacked, his personal details published on the internet, malicious virus emails sent, and general bad mouthing. This has affected his business.

I can list a number of issues, but best you bring them up at the meeting.

If you cannot make the meeting, maybe send an email to of your general point of view and if I can register you as a concerned resident.

The following parties have been invited:

  • Central Gauteng CyclingCradle Residents
  • Cradle Business
  • Triathlon. Biathlon Association
  • Mogale City Metro ? Provincial Department of Transport
  • CGC Clubs
  • Cradle News
  • Community Police Forum
  • ThinkBike


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