This shocking article was posted in the Daily Sun earlier this month. Here is a scanned copy of the original article.

By Africa Ka Mahamba (Daily Sun)

The leader of a Pretoria-based youth organisation has issued a controversial statement by telling youth to go and steal from white people in the suburbs.

Farady Nkoane, the leader of Uhuru cultural club, told 100 youngsters who attended the Human Rights Day celebrations at Lebanon township park to go and steal from the whites because “it is the right thing to do”

“Stop stealing from the black people because they will deal with you in an African way. They will bewitch you and you will go crazy. The whites have stolen from us since 6 April 1652. Our ancestors’s cattle,goats, sheep , chicken and others are in the hands of the whites, while we are left with nothing. Go and steal from them because it is right. Taking from whites is not a crime because you repossess what belongs to you. But make sure you are noy caught, “said Nkoane,adressing the youth most of whom were in Rastafarian colours.

When Daily Sun approached him about his contoversial statement that would cause HATRED between South-Africans, Nkoane said he stood by his statement because “nothing is worong with it”

“Yes nothing is wrong with my statement because the whites have stolen from the blacks. My satement doesn’t promote any hatred because I did not call for violance against the whites. I only told the youth to go and repossess from them. If youth steal in the township it is crime, but if they steal from whites in the suburbs,it is not a crime because they are merely repossessing” said Nkoane in a interview with Daily Sun.

He said he would not withdraw his statement because the government was doing nothing for unemployed youth.