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A new scam which seeks to rob TelkomInternet’s customers of their user access details has come to the attention of the Company.

Steven White, Executive for Converged Business Services Group, said: “This scam is conducted through hoax emails requesting TelkomInternet customers to confirm their usernames and passwords.”

He advised customers to be on high alert as this opens them up to bandwidth theft and abuse of their mail accounts. TelkomInternet will, under no circumstances, send an email communication requesting its customers to make available their account details.

“We have not sent our customers such a request and, as such, we request that they ignore these emails. TelkomInternet does not conduct its business in this manner. We are committed to protecting our internet customers against any unauthorised account access,” said White.

TelkomInternet has the TelkomInternet Online Password Management Tool available, which enables our customers to securely change both their TelkomInternet account passwords and their e-mail passwords online on a regular basis.

“Those customers who have already released their usernames and passwords must change their passwords immediately on or contact 10215. We are currently investigating the matter,” said White.

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