Eskom Impersonation Alert!

Source: ADT

Please be aware we are seeing increasing incidences of criminals impersonating representatives from various companies such as Telkom, Eskom, security agencies, banking institutions, etc. in order to gain access into residential homes.

The latest incident took place in Helderkruin, where two men posed as Eskom employees carrying out standard checks. Three laptops were stolen and the alarm system was also tampered with.

ADT encourages all clients to ensure that your domestic staff understand the danger of allowing strangers into your property. If there is any doubt as to the validity of the visitor, your domestic worker should be advised to contact you immediately to verify the request.

Please also be aware of another group of armed criminals who enter estates or complexes under the guise of representing financial institutions to conduct evaluations or inspections.

At times, this group of criminals has also been known to pose as meter readers from a company called “African Meter Readers”, or they use a service provider such as Johannesburg Water, City Power or Eskom as their identity. ADT has instructed guards to inspect the boot of all vehicles before allowing entry as it is believed that this is the modus operandi used for gaining access.